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Ceramic Lining

Treatment to Tube and Pipe for reducing abrasion in conveying systems

Process of “Ceramic Lining”

The elbow or fitting is cleaned. The ceramic is pumped into the elbow or fitting and hot air dried. After the moisture is out of the elbow it is placed in a furnace at 1560 degrees to fuse the ceramic on the interior of the elbow. The hardness of the ceramic is between 8-10 on the MoHs Scale. This interior coating can be applied as a single coat (6-8 thou thick) or a double coat (10-12 thou thick). The ceramic lining provides a long lasting interior on elbows or fittings to prevent abrasion. Carbon steel is the preferred material to line. Stainless steel can be done as well.

Other services available: Cement backed elbows and removable back