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Lorenz Iris Valve

The Lorenz Iris Valve is used to control the flow of powders, granules, flakes, crystals etc in a wide range of production equipment like hoppers, bins, dryers, blenders, bulk bag unloaders and vertical pipe lines. The principal industries utilizing Iris Valves are: pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, dairy products, food processing, detergent and plastics.

The Lorenz Iris Valve is made from Aluminum and have a mild steel zinc-plated rotating ring. They come in sizes ranging from 4” to 18” in 2” increments. The trigger type locking lever is made of Cast Aluminum. Our double locking diaphragms are made of Polyurethane Coated Nylon.

Optional Feature:  is to use a wear sleeve that passes through the orifice of the diaphragm. The sleeve will carry the material (e.g. powders, granules, etc.) without direct contact with the diaphragm. This feature helps to enhance the life of the diaphragm.