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By Pass Load Diverter – Series F

  • For Pneumatic Conveying Systems Applications
  • Pneumatic actuated diverter valve for vacuum or low pressure* conveying systems
  • Fills hoppers via cyclonic separation in the inlet load tube and exhausting air in the outlet tube
  • Valves can be stacked on top of each other allowing multiple hoppers
  • Available in 2″ to 8″

*(Dilute phase up to 15 psig max.)

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction standard – optional carbon steel & aluminum
  • Light weight aluminum frame, corrosion resistant
  • Positive Blade Lock (PBL) between blade and cylinder rod
  • Active Compression Seals (ACS)
  • Internal magnetic piston cushioned air cylinder
  • Stacking design for multiple conveying lines
  • Rated for 82° C (180° F)


  • 316 stainless material contact points
  • High temperature service