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Why Lorenz

Finding the right conveying products can be a challenge and manufacturers are not created equal. Trust the experts at Lorenz. With more and more attention being paid to efficiency, longevity and cost effectiveness ensuring you have a partner that understands your business goals, process equipment, materials and storage vessels is key.


Personalization – Whether you need a standard Lorenz component or a custom designed and manufactured accessory, Lorenz delivers.
Efficiency – Nothing affects the bottom line and profit margin like efficiency. Ensure your conveying system is operating at peak performance by utilizing Lorenz conveying components at every stage.
Accurate – With Lorenz you’ll receive your orders within 2 weeks – faster than if you purchased a competitive product. Lorenz leverages the latest packing, shipping and tracking systems to ensure your orders are received on time and ready for installation.
Knowledge – With over 30 years base of industry experience Lorenz is a leader in manufacturing across North America. Trust our expert team of engineers to design you pneumatic conveying products to precision.
Solutions – Working closely with our customers to understand their unique system requirements, Lorenz doesn’t take “orders”, they provide solutions that work.

The Lorenz “Quality Control Process” – Lorenz combines the latest in technology and manufacturing quality control processes to ensure your business runs smoothly.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience Lorenz is the strategic partner of choice for thousands of OEM’s and end users across North America. Our engineering and customer service team works seamlessly to ensure that your business stays flowing with as little downtime and manpower possible. With over 10,000 installations and experience handling a wide range of powders and materials, you can be confident with Lorenz.

Located on 10 acres, Lorenz’ 50,000 Square foot facility is located along the major transportation corridors and supplier facilities for raw materials. All products are manufactured in house which makes customization requests easy and manageable.

Download our latest product catalogue, chat with a live representative, place orders online or call our dedicated team of customer service reps. We’re confident we can provide solutions to keep your business flowing!